Why should you apply for Shark Tank Nepal? 

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Why should you apply for Shark Tank Nepal? 

A dead-on answer would be, “to take your business to a greater height in all prospects”. Besides, there are a lot of benefits that you can draw once you get to be a part of the show. 

What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a reality show where you as an entrepreneur or a startup founder can come to the platform and pitch your business to the Sharks. You will be giving a presentation about your business with information like

  • Number of founders
  • Shareholders
  • Sales, Revenue and Profit, etc. 

The Sharks are actually the investors who, if impressed by your business will be putting money against certain percent equity. They can also, yet, offer debt.

The two parties can go into negotiations with offers and counter-offers until they finalize a deal. But there is no guarantee that every pitch will get a deal.

What’s in it for you?

The Exposure

Shark Tank is recognized and the most followed show by entrepreneurs, investors,  businesses, and startups worldwide.

If somehow, no deal happens, the best takeaway would be the exposure for two main reasons

The show is already so much talked about and the people looking forward to it range from prospective entrepreneurs to the high-profile magnates of the country. 

Shark Tank will be going on air on Himalaya TV, one of the top national media.

The Investment

The entrepreneurs will be looking to leverage the opportunity and find themselves a good deal.

The Sharks will be looking to make an investment in a business with a good prospect.

So it’s also the MONEY for both parties.

The Expertise

Finding a deal comes with great value addition in the form of expertise of the Sharks.

The sharks will not always be passive investors. They will be actively involved in the business depending upon the nature of the deal.

This will be a huge boost to the business as the Sharks will be bringing a lot of experience and expertise with them.

You will get an opportunity to pitch to 5 sterling business people as investors (Sharks) and to get such an opportunity to have all 5 of them together on one platform is one of the rarest things for any startup. 

Nothing to Lose

The worst thing that could happen is that you’ll not get any deals.

But, you’ll be talking about your business on national television. You will be pitching your ideas not only to the Sharks but to hundreds of other investors who will try to contact you if they find you worthwhile.

Besides the investors, you’ll also be marketing your product to prospective consumers.


Not to mention, the network you’ll get once you get the opportunity to meet the Sharks.

Even if the Sharks decide not to invest in your business they can recommend someone they know personally and is looking for your type of business to invest in.

Something beyond the on-show Deal

If you cannot make a good presentation but have a good product, the Sharks are likely to talk to you in person and not disclose the deal in the show.

If this happens you’ll be more comfortable cracking a deal off camera.

So, follow the link below, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most out of this.

Apply Here


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