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Advertise with us

Breif information

Loose Ads

Loose Advertisement means the television commercials which can be run in between the breaks of the program and news bulletins.

News Graphic Properties

These properties are graphically designed and customized properties which can be run during the programs and news like, Aston Band, L-Shape Bands, Logo Bugs, Left push, Screen shrink etc.

Slot Buying

The clients can also buy a particular time-slot on the channel for half and hour or one hour depending on the content and telecast it on the channel.

Sponsorship of Programs

Clients can entirely sponsor a program as a Title Sponsor, Associated Sponsor, Powered - By and Co-Powered by, categories of sponsorship which has benefits of a host

AFP Branding Segment

AFP stands for Advertisers’ Funded Program which is dedicated entirely to a certain brand or a particular sector or industry. It is A 30 minutes documentary whose production and concept design will be undertaken by HIMALAYA TELEVISION. Brand’s success story along with the inception of the company will be covered through historic retelling of the brand.