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Dancing with the Stars is the name of various international television series based on the format of the British TV series Strictly Come Dancing, which is distributed by BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the BBC. Currently, the format has been licensed to over 42 territories.

Versions have also been produced in dozens of countries across the world. As a result, the series became the world’s most popular television program among all genres in 2006 and 2007, according to the magazine Television Business International, reaching the Top 10 in 17 countries.

Dancing with the Stars, which started from the UK, is currently expanding to around 60 countries and the 28th season is running in the US. Dancing with the Stars, a fusion of talents, emotions, humour and competition, is well-known as a popular family reality show.

In India for the past 10 years, the same dancing with the stars show has been run under the name ‘Jhalak Dekhlaja’. The show has become extremely popular in Nepal after Nepali daughter Teriya Magar won the title of the ninth season of Jhalak Dekhlaja Season-9.



According to a worldwide format, Dancing with the Stars will have 12 different star constantans from the various field while pairing them with 12 professional choreographers will perform with the star. There will be 2 host and 3 judges in the program.

The show pairs a number of well-known celebrities with professional ballroom dancers, who each week compete by performing one or more choreographed routines that follow the prearranged theme for that particular week. The dancers are then scored by a panel of judges. Viewers are given a certain amount of time to place votes for their favourite dancers, either by telephone or (in some countries) online.

The couple with the lowest combined score provided by the judges and viewers is eliminated. This process continues until there are only two or three couples left; when they have competed for the last time one couple is declared the champion and wins a trophy.

Dancing with the Star Nepal- Season 1

The first season of “Dancing with the Star Nepal” will be aired on Himalaya Television from the first week of coming to Bhadra (other thing remaining the same) as the Nepali version of BBC Dancing Reality Show “Dancing with the Stars” based on BBC Studio’s format. Himalaya television is producing and broadcasting the franchise of the world’s number one dancing reality show being broadcast in more than 60 countries of the world including the UK, US, Australia, and India.

Franchise reality shows announced by the new management of Himalaya Television are becoming popular with viewers. “The Voice of Nepal Season-2” has become the number one reality show in every index while “Himalaya Roadies Season-3” is being aired as the first choice among Nepali young generation. Bringing ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to Nepal was a challenge in itself. However, bringing the much-loved show worldwide to Nepal is with the aim of inspiring millions of viewers to watch Nepali content and Nepalese television.

With the new management taking full ownership, Himalayan Television has been prioritizing investing in global content and technology. As always, Himalayan Television believes to have constant supports from all of you for the first season of Dancing with the Stars Nepal.

Season/ Airing Details

The first season will be of 26 episodes which will be aired every Friday and Saturday at the super prime time i.e. 8 PM onwards.

The Competition

Himalaya Television has taken this opportunity to provide high entertainment to the viewers as it has a pairing of the top 12 artists and dance choreographers who have gained popularity in various genres. On the basis of audience votes and judgements made by the judges, there will be 1 elimination each week.

Participating Celebrities

1) Prashanta Tamrakar (Fashion Coath / Actor)

2) Jyoti Magar (Folk Singer)

3) Sumi Moktan (Actress / Model)

4) Eliza Gautam / Rishi Dhamala (Actress)

5) Rakshya Shrestha (Serial Actress / Model)

6) Budda Lama (First Nepal Idol Winner / Singer)

7) Deepa / Damanta (TikTok /  Social Site Star)

8) Puja Thakur (Maithali Actress)

9) Devansi Baidawar (Child Artist)

10) Hari Khadka (Former National Football Captain)

11)  Sristi KC (Visually Impaired / Motivational Speaker)

12) Fulandeko Ama [Umesh Rai] (Comedian)



1) Gauri Malla (Actress)

2) Dilip Rayamajhi (Actor)

3) Renesha Rai (Professional Choreographer)


Partner Choreographers

1) Rajib Samar

2) Biju Parki

3) Keshab Thapa

4) Sunil BK

5) Kebika Khatri

6) Subham Bhujel

7) Sanjaya Lama

8) Swayatna Yonjan

9) Yumi Balami

10) Saroj Moktan

11) Lahure Singh

12) Pramod Bhandari

Additionally, there will be special star guests as a ‘Guest Judges’ into every episode where at least 12-15 other most popular stars/figures will be featured into the show.


Winning Prize

The winner will receive a total of NRs 20 lakhs (including tax) cash and other prizes.

Season Sponsors

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